Air Cargo to Pakistan

Air Cargo to Pakistan

Do you’ve something to send ship urgently to Pakistan from Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi? Looking for cargo services to send your shipment? Would you like to ensure that your cargo reaches your destination in Pakistan on time without getting damaged? Look no further, are here to assist you. We provide fast, secure, and affordable Air cargo to Pakistan from UAE.

We care about giving our clients the best service in all our areas of action through an agile and efficient comprehensive service. Some major logistics operations go as under:

Air Cargo to Pakistan
For air cargo, we plan the best solution to satisfy the needs of our customers always at the best price. We have specialized and dynamic staff and tools with which to offer a fast and flexible service to guarantee the best possible service. We also handle several special consolidation services on a regular basis, which allows us to optimize service and price.
Upon arrival/departure, our Customs Agent takes care of all the necessary import/export, collection, and delivery procedures. We provide a comprehensive door/door service, procedures at origin, destination, DG, restricted, refrigerated, in general, any type of merchandise that can be transported by plane.
Logistics Solution
Perishable merchandise
Transport for fairs and exhibitions
Warehousing and distribution
We offer our clients very extensive and individual customized airfreight products. Whether it concerns regular consolidation services or extreme urgent express shipments as well as innovative special solutions, our proficiency combined with cost efficiency will certainly convince you.

Make sure you read cautiously and Never pack any of these items into packages. If prohibited or restricted products are seen in any of the parcels, penalties may be enforced.

Human or pet remains or ashes
Illegal goods (contraband)
Aerosol cans/sprays
Harmful Goods
Dry ice
Engines, generators, and gearboxes
Fire extinguishers
Life jackets
Lithium batteries or products containing such batteries
Alcoholic beverages of every description
Furs and/or ivory or items made here from
Tobacco and tobacco products of every description
Automotive panels

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